Doll Quilt Exchange

In the spring, Humble Quilts blog has hosted a Doll Quilt exchange for I think the past seven years.  I was able to participate again this year and was thrilled with the doll quilt I received from Laurie B. Simply Amazing.


Such tiny half square triangles and flying geese!  I do love flying geese, but have never made any this small!  It is an amazing quilt and so generous of Laurie.  Quilters are the best people!  She even included the adorable pincushion as well.  Personally, I think I received the best of the bunch in this years exchange!

The doll quilt I made went to Ruth in McMinnville, OR.  I saw a large quilt in Vintage Legacies by Carol Hopkins that I loved and though I would try it in Doll Quilt size.  The whole thing was one block repeated in different fabrics.  I have heard it called Broken Dishes as well as Hourglass.  Either way, I love how when the blocks are next to each other, the eye will also focus on the pinwheel created.

I hand quilted roughly a quarter inch inside the background triangles.  It was super fun to make and I even have a few extra blocks to create one for myself.  In Ruth’s thank-you, she mentioned that she also blogged about the Doll quilt exchange at Country Log Cabin.  I feel I should know Ruth – she lives in a town where one of my brothers used to work, her son is retiring from the Air Force, as my other brother did a few years ago.  I also am making a quilt for him using red, blue, and cream grunge fabrics along with a few of his old uniforms that I am in the process of ripping apart.  She spent summers at her Uncle Henry’s farm in Minnesota, as did I at my great Uncle Henry (and Aunt Ardis in my case), but for only a week at the most.  Love her sampler quilt at the top of her blog…

This is the fifth year I have participated in the Doll Quilt exchange and it has always been a positive experience.  I would encourage others to participate as well.  Lori recently gave some stats of the participants.  There are people from over half the states participating and several countries.  It really does seem like a small world.

Reminiscing on Students

Last week I found out that the job I had for over 30 years will likely soon be over.  Greg (my boss) and I were blind sided.  The school we work at found a company that will pay for the renovation they want to happen, so Pioneer is out and Sodexo is in.  I am over the shock of it, finally, but as soon as someone stops to say good-bye I tear up.  Perhaps it is a good thing a pandemic has hit and so few people are on campus!

In cleaning out a drawer, I found pictures from years ago of student workers.  We have had so many students pass through our dining hall.  When I got home I started looking at pictures of some of the quilts I’ve made for the students that made an impact with me.

One of the first was a Butterfly quilt from a Debbie Mumm pattern.  I actually made it twice.  As pictured, for Katie, and in purples, for Lindsey.


One of the early ‘disappearing’ patterns from Missouri Star Quilt Company was the Disappearing Nine Patch.  I used patriotic prints for a quilt for Greg.


For Joni, I had a new book called Scrap-Basket Sensations.  All made out of Jelly Rolls, another thing new to the time.  I bought the book for one pattern, and have yet to make it!  I made Island Chain, but instead of using the island batiks pictured, I used Kansas Trouble fabrics, as that was the color palette I loved back then and all I bought.  I made it over a spring break and loved the pattern so much, I bought 3 more of her books!


It was Snickers approved.

Using yet more Kansas Troubles, I made a quilt for Gina using the pattern Jacob’s Ladder.  By switching the color placement of the blocks, it formed a cool pattern.  An old block called for an old quilting motif as well so I had quilted it using the Baptist Fan pattern.


I made a quilt for Seth that is from a favorite designer, Carrie Nelson.  I modified it for size from the pattern, but it is called Tire Tracks!


Gone to Pieces quilt shop in Kimball offered a Block of the Month program one year that I admired every time I went to the store.  I finally signed up to participate in it.  So many stars!  I enjoyed individual blocks, but it was so much work.  In the end, I loved it! But I had already promised it to Natasha.  It was really hard to give away.


Long post, so one more.  Jeanette and I went to Des Moines for an AQS quilt show.  We also took a few classes.  One was using a new ruler to help sew diamonds.  In the class, I of course used Kansas Troubles 🙂 but MJ liked red and purple.  So that is what I used.  I was doubtful, but I think it turned out pretty well.


Every time I look at the pictures, I think of the student I made the quilt for, and am thankful for the time that I had with them.  I had many good years at NCU and met many wonderful people, a few of them quilt worthy.  🙂

April (already!) One Monthly Goal

February flew by and then in March things came to a halt.  Wish I could say I have been productive through it all, but not so much.  Hard to look forward when things are changing daily.  Still working, but reduced hours.  It has been hard to focus during this pandemic.  But before the Shelter In Place order came, I received this quilt back from Jeanette, my long arm quilter!

I absolutely love how she quilted it! My goal is to get the binding on it this month.  I will post more pictures then because I can’t show it off in person! But here is a taste!

Here is a link to other people working on projects this month: Elm Street Quilts

January Christmas block

For my One Monthly Goal, hosted by Elm Street Quilts, I wanted to make a Christmas block each month, with the idea that by the end of the year, I would have enough blocks for a quilt.  This month was a success!

Santa’s Hat! I got 3 of them done and they are adorable!

The pattern is from Cotton Way called Christmas Cheer, a cute row quilt of Christmas blocks.  Truly adorable.  I am not sure how many blocks I will end up with, but I intend to enjoy the process!  Check out the other goals met –

First goal of 2020

Last year I saw so many adorable Christmas quilt Samplers – Fig Tree, Cotton Way, Lori Holt, Moda Bake Shop, etc.  The last couple of years I haven’t been able to get much sewing done the last third of the year, so this year I am hoping to do a few blocks each month.  This month I want to start with the Santa Hat!  Check out #OneMonthlyGoal or to see what others are working on this month!


It’s a Finish!

I finished my #onemonthlygoal! The label uses the fabric from the English Garden line that matched the candy bar wrapper, but I didn’t use it in the quilt. I was originally thinking of using it for the binding, but in the end I didn’t like the look & went with the floral. So happy with how it turned out! And so glad to have it on my bed!

To check out more, here is the link,

Maybe this month…

So I didn’t get my goal met for November, so maybe this month I can get my challenge quilt finished, still needs the label and binding to be completed.  I didn’t decide until December 1st how I want to do the label.  So a better chance this time, even though it will be another week before I will get to work on it again.  But I do intend on getting it done!


If you go to Elm Street Quilts or #onemonthlygoal, you can see what others are working on this month.

I did get a quilt top completed in November, that I had started the previous November.  It was the Secret Santa sew along from Temecula Quilt Company, back in 2018.  But I am glad to have the top finished and maybe I can hand quilt it over the winter, at least that’s the plan.


I do like how it turned out – it looks much better in person.  🙂

One Monthly Goal

While reading other blogs, I recently found One Monthly Goal at Elm Street Quilts.  What a great idea to keep you motivated!  This month I am going to try and join in.  Only one needs to be listed and I decided to focus on finishing the challenge quilt.

Jeanette has finished the quilting, over a month ago, and I just need to bind it – that has been cut and pieced already also.  It’s the labeling that stalls me.  I try to remind myself that I don’t need to write a novel, just stick to the facts.  So let’s hope I can get it done!

Follow the link and check out other projects in the works as well!

The Farm

img_3070This is the farm where I grew up.  My Mother moved here when she was 10 and we bought it from my grandparents when I was 4.  It has seen many changes over the years.  In the late ’50’s, indoor plumbing and an addition was added to the house.  In the ’70’s the hog barn was taken down and the feeding floor was put in, which you can’t see for ALL THE TREES! The machine shed was added and the grainery  has been taken down.  The bins were sold and removed and at the beginning of this month, the barn and silos were taken down.  There have been several aerial photos taken over the years.  The first one was really big, taken in the 70’s.  You can actually see my Grandpa in it testing the fence.  In this one, I think taken around 2008, my Mom and I are in the garden.

The pictures are nice, but my favorite rendition was made by my cousin, Susan.


I am not sure when she made it.  But I love all the details she included.  It hangs at my aunt’s house and I admire it every time I visit.  It is so true to my grandparents farm.  The weeping willow tree south of the house – my cousin, David, hid in it during a night time game of Kick the Can.  We raised Guernsey cows, except for two Holsteins named Black and Decker.  Grandma always had a big garden opposite the house, across the driveway.

She was able to use one of Grandpa’s shirts for him on the tractor.  I love the milk cans too.  Grandpa delivered milk when our parents were young.  The fencing around the yard and the calf barn, the straight furrows (quilting) of the fields, the tool shed in the middle of the circle… I love all the details!  She did such a great job!  I could not begin to make such a beautiful tribute to our heritage.

Challenge quilt

At my Litchfield quilt guild, I am on the planning committee. Towards the end of summer I challenged the others to create something based on a childrens Golden Book of their choice. We were to have it done by April so that we could show them at the meeting and encourage the members to participate in a guild challenge. I chose the book Old MacDonald, the song every child learned in grade school. I had ideas of making a center barn and a fence type border and appliqués of different farm animals. But time got away and it didn’t happen. I found fabric with all different animal sounds printed on it and thought I was on the right track. At a sew Saturday, we found a farm panel that wouldn’t work for pillow cases but matched my theme!

  • And that is what I ended up using. Finished in a hurry. Very lightly machine quilted. But it was finished. I showed mine first because knowing the other ladies, mine would be the least impressive.
  • I cut the alphabet panel apart and sewed colored squares in between. The letters are cute “B” is for Barn, “C” is for Cow and so on. Used the farm panel top and bottom, the animal sounds fabric for a border and simple outline quilting.
  • Presentation was a success! And I was right, the others did a great job! Mary Alice had 101 Dalmations and made a bag using polka dot fabric representing the dogs, ombre fabric for the pocket for Cruella, flowewd lining for the meadow. It was great! Michele had Pup in the Pumpkin patch and made a pillow! A beautiful pumpkin on the front in squares of well blended oranges, puppy buttons for embellishment, and a pocket on the back to put the story book! Barb’s book was about Pussywillows. She made a framed 12″ block of frogs and pussywillows that was adorable. RaeAnn made a lap quilt wih a panel as well from The Jungle book.
  • Our next challenge for the guild is easier. Everyone drew from a bag a candybar! We have util August to make our projects. I am so excited I already have my fabric!
  • Can’t wait to see what everyone makes!