Jacob’s Ladder

One of the quilts I made for a student was a Jacob’s Ladder quilt. I used Kansas Troubles fabrics and alternated the color placement in the blocks then hand quilted it using the Baptist Fan pattern. I loved the way it turned out so much, I started making one for myself. Then I sold my house in Litchfield and quickly had to pack up and move. They have been missing for the past 2 and a half years!

Last week, while drinking my morning coffee, I toyed with the idea of starting the Lucy quilt I have been collecting orange and black fabrics for a fall lap quilt. Who doesn’t need yet another Work In Progress? I decided it can’t hurt to read the directions at least. So I brought down the tote it is all stored in. Looked easy enough so thought I would check out the oranges to make sure I still liked them all, and there in the bottom were two storage bags with KT fabric.

I was so excited I went and searched for the notes from my first quilt. I had made it back in 2016!

I had 9 blocks finished and perhaps another 10 cut out. Now I am up to 40 blocks done and love how it is turning out! I am going to make mine bed size with a block layout of 7 x 8 so it should finish up at 84″ x 96″. I will hand quilt this the same way as Gina’s.

I love the warm colors of fall so am sticking to the reds, purples, oranges, and greens with a few browns and blacks thrown in. Easy to find in the Kansas Troubles lines. It is 90 percent KT with a few other Moda lines in the backgrounds, Primitive Gatherings and 3 Sisters.

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