Little Quilts

One of the blogs that I started following early on was Humble Quilts.  For the past few years, in April, she has hosted a doll quilt exchange.  This is the first doll quilt I made.

I agonized over it.  It was 2015 and Mom had just died and I thought this would be a great distraction for me.  But of course when I am stressed, I tend to over think things.  There are few requirements, size and civil war era fabric.  But I hadn’t done much with civil war era fabrics yet at this time so how do I know if a certain fabric qualifies?  Especially when I only wanted a fat quarter of it, but the salvage didn’t have a label.  And those that did, didn’t always give an indication of time period.  Stress.  Also, I am making this for someone else, that I don’t know, so I want it to be perfect.  I found a block that would have been fitting for the time period and started making basket blocks.  Didn’t use a pattern so then had to figure out setting triangles, hand or machine quilt (I did hand quilting) and continued to agonize over its worthiness.  In the end, I was very happy with how it turned out.  Happy enough that I signed up to do it again the next year.


I love bowties!!  This was a joy to make and wish I had made one for myself at the same time.  No worries, again hand quilted, done on time, and had fun playing with colors, placement, and every step of the process.  So once again, I signed up to participate the next year.


2017 was a busier spring so was a little more stressful and had a few more issues getting it all put together and in the mail on time.  Still happy with the end result, but I think I want to go back to bowties.  I believe the exchange has become so popular that in 2018, by the time I got to Lori’s blog to sign up, her roster was full and I couldn’t participate in her exchange.  So Kim Allen and I decided to do our own exchange, a little later…


This is part of a Kim Diehl pattern.  This time I actually made myself one at the same time!  Although mine has yet to be quilted… Many thanks to Lori for hosting such a wonderful quilt exchange.  There are so many gracious, talented quilters that participate.  I’m glad I have had the opportunity to participate.

Dog Gone Cute

Quite a while ago, I asked Donna her thoughts on a really cute quilt pattern I thought of making for my nieces, her granddaughters.  She gave a thumbs up and I ordered the pattern from Sew Fresh Quilts.

Before my trip to Portland, I cut out all the blocks hoping that there would be a free day that Donna and I could work on them together.

Aren’t they adorable!  We got half of them done!  They are all a little different.  I used the same fabric on two of them and another two have a similar color.

This week I was able to finish it.  Jeanette will quilt it this fall and then I will just have to remember to get it in the mail on time.  I think that is kind of the most exciting part.  I have a Christmas gift almost done and it is August 1st!!  That is not normal in my life!

A few more quilt pictures

Hard to choose favorites as each quilt seems to have its own beauty, whether it is design, color, quilting, etc.  I didn’t take the time to read all the identifying tags – just too much to see!

Cherrywood challenge had an exhibit of the Van Gogh quilts.  Amazing work!  In the picture on the right, Van Gogh’s picture is from the quilting.

At the Minnesota State Quilt Show I saw a quilt of 365 challenge.  In Sisters I saw another one.  They are amazing!  Someday I hope I will make one.

Last, I really need to thank Donna for planning a great trip!img_2201-1

Sisters Quilt Show

So many quilts to see and not enough time to give them all the attention they deserve.  It was such a hot day, but Donna and I persevered.  Primarily modern quilts were on display.  All of them beautiful.  The following are a few of my favorites.

There were a few standouts.  I love the way color is used in contrast, the light and the dark.

More next time….



The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


Thanks to Brad, I now have a place to record my projects and creations! Today I learned how to download pictures and perhaps add text. Fun process so far!

Heading to Sisters today for the quilt show. Always a place of great inspiration!