Projects of June

June was a productive month for me! Three finishes for me starting with the Jacob’s Ladder top!

Jacob’s Ladder, top completed June, 2020

At this point, I only have one quilt for my bed, a lovely blue floral from last years Guild Challenge, found here . This will be great to have in the fall months! I will start hand quilting it when it gets cooler.

As the Quarantine started, Laundry Basket Quilts offered a free mystery quilt sew along called “California” and is now available on the web site. I mostly kept pace with this one, although the week end was used as a catch up time as well. 90% of this quilt is from my stash of Fig Tree fabrics. I used a couple charm packs whenever I could. I bought more background fabric and the final border fabric from my local quilt shop, but am really glad about how much ‘free’ fabric I used since it has been on the shelf for a while now.

Laundry Basket Quilts Mystery quilt, Fig Tree fabrics

I don’t usually do mystery quilts because I tend to second guess my fabric placement the whole time I am working on the quilt. In this case I did have to remake a few blocks because I had introduced another shade of green that just didn’t play well with the others. In looking at the picture, the red in the corners really seems to stick out, but it isn’t as bold in person. I do love how she presented the blocks – outside of the quilt in towards the center. And I learned new blocks and techniques. I am pleased how this mystery turned out. Six inch blocks with a six inch border. My stash is already increasing though as I would love to make a Fig Tree Christmas sampler or the All Hallows Eve line. Someday.

I have so many projects to do, I feel like I am a collector more than a maker. One day I decided that instead of checking out the latest sew along or something new on pintrest, I took a project down off the shelf that I had been hoarding for quite a while. The French Quarter pattern is dated 2013. I probably bought it that fall during the Minnesota Quilt Shop Hop in Anoka. The fabric is from V and Co., I think her first fabric line. The quilt is designed from the inside out, but sewn together in rows. It came together so fast! Love the Drunkards Path look but no curves makes it even better!

I like the green, but it was too strong for the center so I eliminated that, auditioned the multi print white, but that was kind of blah, and ended up with one of the blues.

French Quarter by Fig Tree Co, with V & Co Simply Color and Simply Style fabrics.

I love how it turned out. 72 inches square. Wish I could get a better picture…

Please go over to to see what other quilters have made this month! One Monthly Goal – great motivator to get things finished, one step at a time.

First Week of June

It is so unusual to be off from work. The days kind of run into each other and it is hard to get motivated. Good thing there are deadlines. Saturday is a drop off day at Bundles of Love so have been trying to get a few more knitted items done.

Baby booties and dishcloths.

I now have 11 sets of Baby booties done and 6 dish cloths. Thanks to the patterns from Mary Alice, they are turning out pretty cute. I have a Cardinal, Hummingbird, Topiary, Birdhouse, Cherries, and Butterfly. Different sizes because two different weights of yarn and I’ve used 3 different needle sizes. The butterfly is pretty loose, but all cute.

My favorite summer flower – the Peony! Beautiful, lacy, delicate, fragrant and elegant. Just had to share.

In working on the Jacob’s Ladder quilt, I got back to my Christmas blocks as my leader and enders. They have been super fun to create.


June One Monthly Goal

It is hard to believe it is June already! Last post was about the fabulous find of my Jacob’s Ladder blocks so my OMG is to finish putting all those blocks together!

There has been much rearranging of blocks and after awhile, it was hard to keep straight -a color in block or color out, direction of block, etc. But I am now happy with the set up and ready to start sewing into rows and getting this top put together. Would be really nice to have my floor back! I don’t want to stack the blocks up again and risk losing yet again!

Connecting with Check it out for some quilt inspiration!

Jacob’s Ladder

One of the quilts I made for a student was a Jacob’s Ladder quilt. I used Kansas Troubles fabrics and alternated the color placement in the blocks then hand quilted it using the Baptist Fan pattern. I loved the way it turned out so much, I started making one for myself. Then I sold my house in Litchfield and quickly had to pack up and move. They have been missing for the past 2 and a half years!

Last week, while drinking my morning coffee, I toyed with the idea of starting the Lucy quilt I have been collecting orange and black fabrics for a fall lap quilt. Who doesn’t need yet another Work In Progress? I decided it can’t hurt to read the directions at least. So I brought down the tote it is all stored in. Looked easy enough so thought I would check out the oranges to make sure I still liked them all, and there in the bottom were two storage bags with KT fabric.

I was so excited I went and searched for the notes from my first quilt. I had made it back in 2016!

I had 9 blocks finished and perhaps another 10 cut out. Now I am up to 40 blocks done and love how it is turning out! I am going to make mine bed size with a block layout of 7 x 8 so it should finish up at 84″ x 96″. I will hand quilt this the same way as Gina’s.

I love the warm colors of fall so am sticking to the reds, purples, oranges, and greens with a few browns and blacks thrown in. Easy to find in the Kansas Troubles lines. It is 90 percent KT with a few other Moda lines in the backgrounds, Primitive Gatherings and 3 Sisters.

Doll Quilt Exchange

In the spring, Humble Quilts blog has hosted a Doll Quilt exchange for I think the past seven years.  I was able to participate again this year and was thrilled with the doll quilt I received from Laurie B. Simply Amazing.


Such tiny half square triangles and flying geese!  I do love flying geese, but have never made any this small!  It is an amazing quilt and so generous of Laurie.  Quilters are the best people!  She even included the adorable pincushion as well.  Personally, I think I received the best of the bunch in this years exchange!

The doll quilt I made went to Ruth in McMinnville, OR.  I saw a large quilt in Vintage Legacies by Carol Hopkins that I loved and though I would try it in Doll Quilt size.  The whole thing was one block repeated in different fabrics.  I have heard it called Broken Dishes as well as Hourglass.  Either way, I love how when the blocks are next to each other, the eye will also focus on the pinwheel created.

I hand quilted roughly a quarter inch inside the background triangles.  It was super fun to make and I even have a few extra blocks to create one for myself.  In Ruth’s thank-you, she mentioned that she also blogged about the Doll quilt exchange at Country Log Cabin.  I feel I should know Ruth – she lives in a town where one of my brothers used to work, her son is retiring from the Air Force, as my other brother did a few years ago.  I also am making a quilt for him using red, blue, and cream grunge fabrics along with a few of his old uniforms that I am in the process of ripping apart.  She spent summers at her Uncle Henry’s farm in Minnesota, as did I at my great Uncle Henry (and Aunt Ardis in my case), but for only a week at the most.  Love her sampler quilt at the top of her blog…

This is the fifth year I have participated in the Doll Quilt exchange and it has always been a positive experience.  I would encourage others to participate as well.  Lori recently gave some stats of the participants.  There are people from over half the states participating and several countries.  It really does seem like a small world.

Reminiscing on Students

Last week I found out that the job I had for over 30 years will likely soon be over.  Greg (my boss) and I were blind sided.  The school we work at found a company that will pay for the renovation they want to happen, so Pioneer is out and Sodexo is in.  I am over the shock of it, finally, but as soon as someone stops to say good-bye I tear up.  Perhaps it is a good thing a pandemic has hit and so few people are on campus!

In cleaning out a drawer, I found pictures from years ago of student workers.  We have had so many students pass through our dining hall.  When I got home I started looking at pictures of some of the quilts I’ve made for the students that made an impact with me.

One of the first was a Butterfly quilt from a Debbie Mumm pattern.  I actually made it twice.  As pictured, for Katie, and in purples, for Lindsey.


One of the early ‘disappearing’ patterns from Missouri Star Quilt Company was the Disappearing Nine Patch.  I used patriotic prints for a quilt for Greg.


For Joni, I had a new book called Scrap-Basket Sensations.  All made out of Jelly Rolls, another thing new to the time.  I bought the book for one pattern, and have yet to make it!  I made Island Chain, but instead of using the island batiks pictured, I used Kansas Trouble fabrics, as that was the color palette I loved back then and all I bought.  I made it over a spring break and loved the pattern so much, I bought 3 more of her books!


It was Snickers approved.

Using yet more Kansas Troubles, I made a quilt for Gina using the pattern Jacob’s Ladder.  By switching the color placement of the blocks, it formed a cool pattern.  An old block called for an old quilting motif as well so I had quilted it using the Baptist Fan pattern.


I made a quilt for Seth that is from a favorite designer, Carrie Nelson.  I modified it for size from the pattern, but it is called Tire Tracks!


Gone to Pieces quilt shop in Kimball offered a Block of the Month program one year that I admired every time I went to the store.  I finally signed up to participate in it.  So many stars!  I enjoyed individual blocks, but it was so much work.  In the end, I loved it! But I had already promised it to Natasha.  It was really hard to give away.


Long post, so one more.  Jeanette and I went to Des Moines for an AQS quilt show.  We also took a few classes.  One was using a new ruler to help sew diamonds.  In the class, I of course used Kansas Troubles 🙂 but MJ liked red and purple.  So that is what I used.  I was doubtful, but I think it turned out pretty well.


Every time I look at the pictures, I think of the student I made the quilt for, and am thankful for the time that I had with them.  I had many good years at NCU and met many wonderful people, a few of them quilt worthy.  🙂

April (already!) One Monthly Goal

February flew by and then in March things came to a halt.  Wish I could say I have been productive through it all, but not so much.  Hard to look forward when things are changing daily.  Still working, but reduced hours.  It has been hard to focus during this pandemic.  But before the Shelter In Place order came, I received this quilt back from Jeanette, my long arm quilter!

I absolutely love how she quilted it! My goal is to get the binding on it this month.  I will post more pictures then because I can’t show it off in person! But here is a taste!

Here is a link to other people working on projects this month: Elm Street Quilts

January Christmas block

For my One Monthly Goal, hosted by Elm Street Quilts, I wanted to make a Christmas block each month, with the idea that by the end of the year, I would have enough blocks for a quilt.  This month was a success!

Santa’s Hat! I got 3 of them done and they are adorable!

The pattern is from Cotton Way called Christmas Cheer, a cute row quilt of Christmas blocks.  Truly adorable.  I am not sure how many blocks I will end up with, but I intend to enjoy the process!  Check out the other goals met –

First goal of 2020

Last year I saw so many adorable Christmas quilt Samplers – Fig Tree, Cotton Way, Lori Holt, Moda Bake Shop, etc.  The last couple of years I haven’t been able to get much sewing done the last third of the year, so this year I am hoping to do a few blocks each month.  This month I want to start with the Santa Hat!  Check out #OneMonthlyGoal or to see what others are working on this month!


It’s a Finish!

I finished my #onemonthlygoal! The label uses the fabric from the English Garden line that matched the candy bar wrapper, but I didn’t use it in the quilt. I was originally thinking of using it for the binding, but in the end I didn’t like the look & went with the floral. So happy with how it turned out! And so glad to have it on my bed!

To check out more, here is the link,