End of 2020

What a crazy year this has been. I am thankful I have a job, but it sure takes a lot of my time! Getting better at managing my free time so got a few Christmas presents made. The most important was the quilt for Denny, using his old uniforms as one of the fabrics!

I saw a similar pattern on Pinterest the beginning of the year and started ripping up the uniform in April, when the school was basically shut down and we weren’t feeding but a handful of people. I started in on the shirt first. Those uniforms are very well made! Is it called a French Seam, where one seam is sewn then folded over to create another seam? By the time I got to the pants, I was done, and brought out the rotary cutter and bypassed the seam altogether.

Quilt in a Day had grunge fabric on sale in the summer so ordered all three fabrics from them, but hadn’t yet determined how much I would need so still have more of each for another patriotic quilt another day. I wanted to make it wider than the center lay out so I drew up the ribbon border, again from a picture on Pinterest, and then reversed it for the other side. I think that was the most difficult part. Jeanette Nelson did a fantastic job on the quilting. We discussed it, but really it is all her inspiration and eye for design.

Air Force Symbol quilted in the center of the quilt.

The post office was overwhelmed this year and they really had me anxious with this quilt. Jeanette mailed it to me and after five days, we started going back to the tracking. Still no delivery. At ten days, it was returned to Jeanette! Address was correct. Post office worker could not see any problems as to why it was returned so she mailed it again. This time I received it, but just had time to get a binding on and back in the mail to Texas. From his facebook post, I think he liked it! Wish I could have been there too but not a normal year for those family gatherings we all hold dear.

The other Christmas presents that I made were for my nephews here in Oregon.

Yarn is made from Yak hair

Very popular in the Northwest, I knitted this from yarn and pattern from Purl Soho. Super soft yarn and it turned out HUGE. My brother tried it on and it fell to his nose! It was really funny, but I started making another hat for a back up.

This pattern was found on Ravelry, and yarn is Alpaca.

I made two of these. But they were a one-size-fits-all kind of pattern and were kind of small. Still a beginner knitter so need to learn how to modify a pattern. Next time…

Otherwise, the month has been all about baking! Mary Alice sent me the recipe for her mothers Almond Rusks. She would often give me a small portion when Mary Alice and I were able to quilt retreat together. So yummy! Mine turned out a bit rustic, but very tasty!

Swedish Visiting Bread from Dorie Greenspan book, Peppermint Marshmallows and Hot Cocoa Mix, Spiced Honey Pecan Bars from A Kitchen Addiction blog, and Peanut Butter Stars. Attempted Orange Rolls also, but they over proofed and were not as good as I would have liked. Still want to try Cardamom Rolls from the Baked Bree blog. Still time, another few days before I need to start thinking about work…

Looking forward to 2021! I’ve already started my first project – one of the kits from the Figs and Friends program that Fig Tree and Co. offered this past year.

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