Quilt Goals for 2021

Last year was a mixed up year in so many ways. The first half of the year, several things were accomplished and started. The summer brought time for a lot of quilts to get finished. After moving to Portland in August, I completed two quilts. I finished another ‘flimsy’ over break, but it is covered in so much dog hair, I don’t know that I want to do too many large quilts this coming year.

I have one must make on the list. My nephew is getting married! I really want to make Nick and Michele a quilt for their wedding gift. But it is in four months! I really need to get started and nothing too complicated. So I was thinking of doing the “Secret Santa” pattern from Temecula Quilt Company in the blues and greys Nick mentioned. I would like to make it a little larger, but since it is all squares and rectangles, I think I have a good chance of getting it done if I can find fabric. So far I have found a grey that I like for the background, but not a good mix of blues. The search continues…

Most of my quilt room is still in storage and not very accessible. When we transferred my belongings from the moving boxes to the storage unit, I pulled out one box labelled quilt kits so I have a few “shovel ready” projects. A few years ago now a popular sew along on Instagram was Sweet Escape by Camille Roskelley. I ordered a couple Honeybuns of Strawberry Jam and background fabric, printed off the directions and it sat waiting for me to make it. I told Kim about it and she made two of them! Fabric is with me, but the directions will need to be reprinted.

I am also a sucker for Block of the Months. At this point I think I have signed up for six of them, and completed two of them. The large picture at the top of the blog is one of the completed ones. I loved it and gave it away. Hopefully I will find another fabric line that would work well with the patterns. The other completed one is Charcoal and Cream from last year. But I had signed up for another BOM from them in 2018 called Autumn Splendor Mystery Sampler. I would love to get that completed this year. But of course I signed up for another BOM from them for this year as well. As well as a Sew Along from Primitive Gatherings…

Speaking of Primitive Gatherings, in 2017, Lisa offered a sew along called Triangles Gathering. I think she offered about 90 blocks made from Half-Square Triangle blocks. I saved the directions to all the blocks and loved how Nicole from Sister’s Choice Quilts put hers together. I bought fabric using some of the rich colors that Sandy Klop uses and even some paper sheet templates to help make all those triangles. I know I have seen that ‘kit’ lately so it must be in one of the boxes near the top.

Another project that I have seen on her blog and instagram was a quilt by Edyta Sitar of Laundry Basket Quilts called Aurora. I love the purples from several of Pam Buda’s lines of reproduction fabric and it just happens that that color grouping is also reachable in my storage unit. Today I bought a lovely cream fabric for the back ground and am thinking this would be a great ‘leader and ender’ project to complete along with the others.

I also have fabric half purchased for a quilt from a book that I won last year that is no longer on my kindle….

And I am sure more projects will spring up as the year progresses. Looking forward to all the quilts to be made!

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