Settling In

So much has happened in the last month. 97 percent of my belongings are in Uboxes out of my reach. Starting to feel like they are being held hostage. With school starting and their delivery schedule, I think the first realistic date is Sept 13th for me to actually get access to them.

Glad I brought my sewing machine and a few projects with me in the car. But then a baby came early so I had to go shopping. My SIL recommended the perfect store… here is my start.

I actually got it done last night. Hopefully I can start doing some quilting this week end. In the meantime, here are some pictures of the trip out.

My brother offered to come along for the ride and I would never turn that down! We didn’t have a plan, but to start heading west towards Mt. Rushmore. As we drove, we kept seeing more and more motorcycles. Denny looked online and sure enough, Sturgis festivities would be starting up on the week end. His wife went online to start looking for a hotel for us. Almost triple the budget, but it was comfortable and nice. That night we talked to my oldest brother and decided we wouldn’t be driving through the area again anytime soon so we should be tourists. Which led to stops at Devil’s Tower, Grand Tetons, and Yellowstone.

As we were leaving Devil’s Tower, I got a message from my realtor. It was the first day for showings of my townhouse and I already had offers. Devil’s Tower is a bit off the beaten path, so there was no cell service. We pulled over at the first town to get the details. One of the offers wanted to know by 6:00 that night if the offer was accepted. None of us appreciated being given a deadline with no reason, especially when there were still a dozen showings still scheduled, so no, and we kept driving. By the time we got to Gillette, Wyoming, things had changed again. One of the offers had improved, but someone else came in with an offer 22,000 over list price. We were not expecting that. Not at all. Now we are just hoping it will appraise for that as well. Definitely a sellers market.

All together

This was best of all, my brothers and I together. Hasn’t happened in a long time.

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