Dog Gone Cute

Quite a while ago, I asked Donna her thoughts on a really cute quilt pattern I thought of making for my nieces, her granddaughters.  She gave a thumbs up and I ordered the pattern from Sew Fresh Quilts.

Before my trip to Portland, I cut out all the blocks hoping that there would be a free day that Donna and I could work on them together.

Aren’t they adorable!  We got half of them done!  They are all a little different.  I used the same fabric on two of them and another two have a similar color.

This week I was able to finish it.  Jeanette will quilt it this fall and then I will just have to remember to get it in the mail on time.  I think that is kind of the most exciting part.  I have a Christmas gift almost done and it is August 1st!!  That is not normal in my life!

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