July One Monthly Goal

I got a phone call just before noon today with great news, at least I think it is great news. There is an opening at an account in Portland! I could be roughly an hour away from my oldest brother! Honestly, for the past couple of years, I have been craving more time with family. In case I end up moving soon, I need to finish a couple of quilts that have been in the works for quite a while.

Flying Geese, front of quilt
Back of quilt

This is for Todd. He is over the Student Life Dept. Not an easy department and always such a pleasure to work with planning events, and even helping with students. And connecting me with the right people in times of stress. Like a realtor.

Skyline quilt

This is for Jeremy, my last Realtor, and then coworker in the Student Life office. He was so patient and diligent with me in my house search. He was a student at my college, worked there for several years, left to pursue Realty while the kids were very young, and is now back. I am leaving many good people behind. Too many to make quilts for everyone!

So my goal is to get bindings on these two quilts so they can be delivered before I leave town. Please check out other quilters projects for some great ideas at Elm Street Quilts.

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