Oregon is burning

Classes began August 31st. What a week that was! Very short on student help, still learning the routines, abilities, confidence of the full time people. And corporate support. Bless him, I could not have opened with out him, but at times, the job also became more difficult.

Then lets add in my lack of computer skills and IT issues. Computer screen says to reboot so I did. And lost everything on the desk top. Which held ninety percent of the information I need to use every week. Everything was gone. And of course it was Friday. IT had sent out a message that they were overwhelmed with help tickets with new students & faculty back on campus. A whole week before IT even helped, but it was too late. They fixed my credentials so the campus links would work again and I could start hiring students. But Pioneer links still need to be installed.

In the midst of all, this happened

Water main broke between Brad’s house and the neighbor. Crawl space under the house totally filled. Even in the air ducts of the house. What.A.Mess. They lost a few things in the garage and a lot of sleep. Fans were set up in the crawl space for at least a week. And then…

Forrest fires. Donna said they are historical in that so much area, in different locations have been affected. A coworker of my brothers lost her house and barn. The smoke in the air is oppressive. God bless fire fighters!

So with all that has happened I only made a Peanut Butter Pie to celebrate a day off and finished the heart quilt with straight line quilting. Miss having Jeanette around the corner…

For Willow, Therese granddaughter.

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