First Week of June

It is so unusual to be off from work. The days kind of run into each other and it is hard to get motivated. Good thing there are deadlines. Saturday is a drop off day at Bundles of Love so have been trying to get a few more knitted items done.

Baby booties and dishcloths.

I now have 11 sets of Baby booties done and 6 dish cloths. Thanks to the patterns from Mary Alice, they are turning out pretty cute. I have a Cardinal, Hummingbird, Topiary, Birdhouse, Cherries, and Butterfly. Different sizes because two different weights of yarn and I’ve used 3 different needle sizes. The butterfly is pretty loose, but all cute.

My favorite summer flower – the Peony! Beautiful, lacy, delicate, fragrant and elegant. Just had to share.

In working on the Jacob’s Ladder quilt, I got back to my Christmas blocks as my leader and enders. They have been super fun to create.


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