April is a busy month!

In April, Lori of Humble Quilts, hosts a doll quilt exchange. I have participated I think four different years. Have received lovely quilts, and every year I tell myself, I need to just make two of everything so I will have one for myself when I am done. In an earlier post, I have pictures of some of the doll quilts I have made other years. Last year I did another bow tie block quilt. I wasn’t going to participate this year, because there is a wedding I will be traveling to so it eliminates a whole week end, which is when most of my sewing gets done. But Lori posted that she still has a few openings and really, how long should a doll quilt take to make? So my goal this month is to make a doll quilt, start to finish. At Elm Street Quilts, you can see what other quilters are working on this month.

Years ago on a blog, the author made a two block quilt she called Snow Shoo, using a snowball block and the shoo fly block. I thought it was such a unique look. I emailed myself a link to her blog and I can not find it anywhere. It was so many years ago I think I would have a quilt done by the time I found the link. So I tried to draw out what I remember.

I will keep it just two colors as well. I am hoping the background fabric isn’t too busy. Off to the cutting table!

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