Two bindings down!

I finished binding the Laundry Basket/Fig Tree mystery quilt from this spring! I even got a label on it!

I love the soft colors of the Fig Tree fabrics. Very soothing in such a stressful year. I think the quilting that Jeanette did also complimented the fabric and the pattern as well. I think it is most visible in the border…

I have made more paper pieced blocks and cut out fabric for a leader and ender project as well. Hopefully that will help me get a few more quilts made this year. I got the binding on the quilt for my nephew on as well. Less than a month away so I will blog about that later. In the mean time, go over to Elm Street Quilts to see what other quilters finished up this month.

Little Blocks 365

I am surprised at how much I am enjoying this project! I have had to rip on one of the blocks. Not easy to do. They are so cute! And I am getting the hang of the backwardness of the lay out. I am not even close to keeping up with the blocks each week, but that is okay. I am enjoying the process. I think I have 11 done so far. I don’t have an end game, so I am not worried if I don’t get all of them done, but they really are so cute, I will make as many as I can.

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