April One Monthly Goal

I finished on time! It was a super busy month and I will be happy when the next two days are done as well. I think I am more excited for the end of the semester than some of the students. But I have so much planning to do for the opening of next semester. I am so hoping that Oregon will open up as normal. We. need. it. But first, the doll quilt.

Snow Shoo Doll Quilt

I only had time to machine stitch in the ditch around the blue triangles. The quilting is the more difficult part of the job for me, so not perfect. But hopefully acceptable. I do like the overall look of it, and hope the recipient does too. I think I would like to make a larger quilt for myself. Could be interesting scrappy too. Hmmm.

I also received a doll quilt, from Mary Beard. Hand pieced and hand quilted! Lovely! Such a beautiful quilt and with a great hand feel. Perhaps from not using batting? I have never done that, but this is light, pliable, great drape, and simply lovely.

Hand pieced and hand quilted!

And now the wedding quilt! Nick and Michele liked the quilt, although Michele has only seen a picture of it at this point. 🙂 She will see it once they are back from their honeymoon.

Beautiful ceremony, lovely couple, fun evening.

It was good to be with my Texas family. Fun to see them interact and my brother still being a Dad. He raised some great kids! I may be a bit partial in that opinion…

Denny fixing Zach’s tie.
The Texas family, and me.

I didn’t get near enough photos of the quilt. Too busy a month! But the quilting was done by Janie Creates. She did such a great job! I love it so much, I already have plans for one with a softer grey background and Christmas fabrics!

Love the quilting!

I decided if they didn’t like the mix of blues on the front, the back is more than presentable with all the quilting!

back of quilt

Again, not the best photos. I was too excited after unpacking it from the box! But it has been given, and knowing my nephew, it will be loved. If you click over to Elm Street Quilts, you will see even more quilting fun of other goals met. Great inspiration!

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