Coming together rather well!

I am so amazed with this block of the month from Fig Tree Quilt Co. Even if I am a few years late to the game. At the beginning of the month, I was half way through month 3 and I was hoping to double that by the end of the month. Block of the Month is kind of a misnomer, because in this program, there are usually 3 blocks to make and multiples of them. Here is a stack of the different blocks to show the different sizes.

How will all these sizes come together?!

I am so happy to say I am half way through month 8!!

The left front blocks are from month 4.
Blocks from month 6
Blocks from Month 7
17″ Blue Ribbon block from month 5

In month 8, I have found an error which slowed me down. Not a big deal as the squares listed to cut were a bit larger than required. A similar technique was used in the previous months blocks so I kind of guesstimated what the sizes should be and I think it worked out well enough. Guess the proof will be in the final placement of the block. A good reason to make the blocks when I get them, not three years later!

My May goal has been met, and surpassed! I am excited to get this done! Hop on over to Elm Street Quilts to see everyone else’s progress!

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