Doll Quilt Exchange

In the spring, Humble Quilts blog has hosted a Doll Quilt exchange for I think the past seven years.  I was able to participate again this year and was thrilled with the doll quilt I received from Laurie B. Simply Amazing.


Such tiny half square triangles and flying geese!  I do love flying geese, but have never made any this small!  It is an amazing quilt and so generous of Laurie.  Quilters are the best people!  She even included the adorable pincushion as well.  Personally, I think I received the best of the bunch in this years exchange!

The doll quilt I made went to Ruth in McMinnville, OR.  I saw a large quilt in Vintage Legacies by Carol Hopkins that I loved and though I would try it in Doll Quilt size.  The whole thing was one block repeated in different fabrics.  I have heard it called Broken Dishes as well as Hourglass.  Either way, I love how when the blocks are next to each other, the eye will also focus on the pinwheel created.

I hand quilted roughly a quarter inch inside the background triangles.  It was super fun to make and I even have a few extra blocks to create one for myself.  In Ruth’s thank-you, she mentioned that she also blogged about the Doll quilt exchange at Country Log Cabin.  I feel I should know Ruth – she lives in a town where one of my brothers used to work, her son is retiring from the Air Force, as my other brother did a few years ago.  I also am making a quilt for him using red, blue, and cream grunge fabrics along with a few of his old uniforms that I am in the process of ripping apart.  She spent summers at her Uncle Henry’s farm in Minnesota, as did I at my great Uncle Henry (and Aunt Ardis in my case), but for only a week at the most.  Love her sampler quilt at the top of her blog…

This is the fifth year I have participated in the Doll Quilt exchange and it has always been a positive experience.  I would encourage others to participate as well.  Lori recently gave some stats of the participants.  There are people from over half the states participating and several countries.  It really does seem like a small world.

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