Dazzled is going to California

Dazzled, a Gathering Friends pattern.


About 10 years ago, I was ready to make a quilt for myself.  I had a pattern picked out, and DeAnn, from my local quilt shop, DeAnn’s Country Village Shoppe, helped me pick out fabric.  A lot of fabric.  The quilt measures 93″ by 114″.  It went together rather quickly, I think I made it over a spring break.  I left it with my friend Jeanette to machine quilt it.

I love the custom quilting she put into it.  She knows I love swirls and fans and feathers.

She even incorporated a design from a ring I have.  She did a great job!

I do love this quilt, but did I mention how big it is?  Even on my queen size bed, it was rather large, then a year and a half ago, I down sized.  Including my bed, now a double.  So it is folded over a quilt rack that I can see a small part of as I walk by.


This summer, there were horrible fires in California.  Lori, form Humble Quilts blog, wrote about it here https://humblequilts.blogspot.com/2018/11/paradise-how-we-can-help.html.  I mailed supplies to Lori to deliver to California and shared her story with my local quilt guild planning committee.  Another member shared that her brother lived in the Malibu area and also lost everything in a fast moving fire.  For a long time, it has truly made me realize how blessed I am.  I have so much.  I did a lot of down sizing when I moved, still kept more than I need.  I have wonderful family support.  I am confident I will stay warm in the coming polar vortex coming down on Minnesota.  I have so much.  How can I keep a quilt that is too big for my bed when another person would love and appreciate it.  Since my quilt guild is going to make a quilt for our member’s sibling, Dazzled will be going to someone in Paradise to enjoy.  I hope they love it as much as I do.

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