Stepping back to the Beginning

The first quilt I made was the Santa wall hanging pictured on the front of the Debbie Mumm pattern.  I still have it somewhere, in a box.  I keep it to show myself how far I have come.  Quilting is math.  The pattern, for the Santa border in this case, calls for a certain number of squares, that you sew together with a quarter inch seam, that will equal the length of the body of the quilt.  That first quilt is a fine example of the different things that can happen to not make the two measurements equal.  Like poor pressing, too big a seam, etc.  But it also taught me to enjoy the process and see the beauty of the big picture.

The second quilt I made was for my Dad, for Fathers Day.  It is called Birdhouse Row by Lynette Jensen, from the book on the left.  Dad loved birds, trees, animals, gardening, etc.  Basically the outdoors.  We often went for walks together when I would come home.


Turns out this is the only quilt I made for Dad.  He has been gone for thirteen years now.  Still miss being able to talk to him and make him laugh.  Dad was one of the few people I could talk to about anything.  Now I have the quilt and I bring it out every spring/summer.


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