Quick trip to Sisters

That time of year again! Donna and I made a day trip to Sisters for the quilt show!

Donna and I

I didn’t take as many pictures this year. Again, my favorites were Log Cabin Quilts:

Someday I will make myself one – I actually have the materials and pattern set aside. For me, a must see is always the Cherrywood Challenge Quilts as well. Previous years, I have seen Lion King, Prince, and Van Gough. The theme this year was Princess Diana. There are many talented quilters out there!

Beautiful display! So impressed with the talent displayed! Nice to see so many stellar Minnesotans entered, but there were international participants as well.

And I love patriotic quilts as well:

And last, I love the idea of a weather quilt. The idea can be as simple or as detailed as you like it. I have seen a single square representing the high temperature of the day, two color blocks to represent the high and low, three color blocks representing the high and low temperature, and a third color representing precipitation. They are typically done in columns, two columns per month. This lady made house blocks with her temperature guide. But also went a step further by embroidering names on special birthdays. I love this idea! I had started recording the temperatures in Minnesota the year that I moved. Now moving to Texas, I am curious to see if there will be much temperature fluctuation to make a nice looking quilt.

Temperature Quilt

This is the first time we stayed late enough to see the end of the day and saw them take them down. Truly a community effort!

On my own quilting front, I finished the red and white quilt! I decided to add borders, unlike the original. A thin white, little bit wider red, then larger white again. Then I will likely bind it in red again. Very happy with how it turned out and am excited to see how Jeanette will quilt it!

Jeanette has already texted me with ideas on how to quilt it. It is going to be gorgeous. Not so gorgeous was my sewing machine. I was getting frustrated because I don’t have time for it to be serviced, yet I know it is overdue for it’s regular maintenance. I figured out how to take the base apart (I am always scared I won’t be able to get things back together again). What a mess! So much lint build up!

Not how your machine should look!

I have the hearts quilt back! Binding is on and will be put in the mail tomorrow!

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