Colors of Portland

All the beautiful foliage in this area is what I think I will miss. So many colors of Rhododendrons, lilacs, and so many that I don’t even know the names of at all.

These were taken around campus, Brad’s house and neighborhood, and at the Rose Gardens. Pictures of roses will have to happen another day as they weren’t blooming yet when I went last weekend.

In another week I will fly to Abilene to see the campus of the school I will be transferring to and look for a place to live. My brother will meet me for a day – they will be 4 1/2 hours away. I know it will be a much different environment, but I will be back in the central time zone and hopefully a more affordable cost of living. It has been hard to stay connected with my family and friends 2 time zones apart. Excited for the next adventure!

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