Spring Break Sewing ’22

My goal was to start and finish 2 baby quilts. Greg is having two more grandbabies this fall! Megan and Ian know they are having a girl this time so am planning a pink and red heart theme quilt I saw first on instagram. It is from the Spring Quilts and More magazine and designed by Heather Briggs of My Sew Quilty Life. It is called Heart on a String.

Heart on a String completed.

I made the mistake of using directional fabric for the background. You can kind of see a little white on white image in the picture – it is just little hearts, but they all go the same direction in the fabric. And of course, they were printed the opposite of how I strip cut the required pieces. I managed to keep all the big pieces directional, but when it came to 1″ corner triangles, I didn’t bother.

lay out – I needed balance šŸ™‚

My other problem was in the directions. Spacer fabric is sewed onto the bottom of the diamonds, but in the next step, half of them are flipped to have the spacer on top. That doesn’t work when you are working with directional fabric and have everything placed how you want it. But in the end, I got it all worked out and am happy with how it looks. Will be sent to Jeanette for quilting!

The other baby quilt I planned to make is the butterfly again, but I would like to reduce the block size to 4″. Unfortunately, I moved that pattern into storage. Perhaps Kim could send me her copy as we both purchased and made this quilt once already….

Since that didn’t happen, I offered to test Jeanettes quilt pattern that she is writing. Also gave me a chance to go fabric shopping (like I need more fabric)! Since this is just a test, I shopped off the sale section. Only a few hiccups and a fun crib size quilt at the end of the weekend! Picture will have to come later, once the pattern is complete! Her working title is Modern Granny!

I still had part of Sunday to work on things so went back to the flags. I may be done making them. I have learned that itty bitty piecing isn’t my thing.

1″ by 1 1/2″ is tiny!

Part of a beautiful block, but that is enough for me. I have made 15 of the 20 blocks. The original would be something like 69″ x 72″, with a lay out of 4 x 5. I don’t need one that large. My lay out would be 3 x 5 and depending on sashing and borders, I am thinking more lap size, 54″ x 70″.

American Quilters Sew Along by Primitive Gatherings.

I am very happy with how most of the blocks turned out. Love the look of this sampler. Honestly, the more I look at it, the more I want to keep making them. If only those triangles weren’t so small!

5 more weeks in the semester! We’ll see if I get anything done.

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