Fig Tree Quilts

I have said before I have a problem with Block Of the Month programs. I pay to play but then life gets busy. By the time I am able to get started, I usually feel it is too late.

Fig Tree & Co. has done a BOM program for years. Some are based on a color way, some themed, etc. I had collected the Autumn Splendor blocks, all in order, but not even started. In the fall, they announced the coming mystery quilt, Charcoal and Cream. I have wanted to do a two color quilt and had been gathering neutrals for the NCU quiltscape, so was intrigued by the idea of a Charcoal & Cream quilt for myself. By this time I was in my townhouse and had a designated sewing room. With so many projects piling up, this time I started right away and mainly kept up. Some blocks were new to me, some months were more challenging than others, and I am really happy I participated. I didn’t like one of the fabrics, flowers were too orangey red to my taste, and I wasn’t expecting another color, but I am happy with my quilt, and it is actually on my bed now!

With this BOM, all the blocks were the same size and at the end, three different lay out options were offered.

Last years program was called Sea Glass, beautiful shades of blues, aquas, and teals. But I missed it! Sign-ups had ended by the time I got to the website. But after the year was over, they had a few kits for purchase & I nabbed it! But again, it has yet to be made.

When I moved to Portland, the Autumn BOM was one of the projects I didn’t put in storage so was able to start working on that. I was enjoying the different blocks, colors and variety of sized blocks so much I decided to sign up for the Strawberries & Rhubarb BOM, this years program. But this school year started out so busy, I have not started it.

A couple of weeks ago, Jeanette, my fantastic quilter friend, mailed the Autumn quilt back to me. It. Is. Amazing. Get ready for photo overload because all the blocks were quilted differently and Jeanette has such a good eye at how the quilting will enhance a block, I kept oohing & aweing & taking more pictures!

I absolutely love everything about this quilt! I love it so much I signed up for next years BOM! I have the pattern for their Christmas Sampler, and have been gathering red, white, and green fabrics, Strawberries & Rhubarb for Spring (yet to be made), the Autumn sampler, and next year a summer beach themed sampler! Already excited! Once I get them completed, I’ll have a Fig Tree sampler quilt for all seasons!

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