A couple Special Baby Quilts

A few years ago my SIL gave me an Elizabeth Hartman pattern, Fancy Forest.  Wasn’t sure when I was going to make it but it is just as the name says, things you would find in the forest.  Then I heard my cousin and his wife were having a baby!  They love living up north and Sam’s wife, Larissa, was studying to teach biology.  Perfect fit!  It was a lot of fun to make, but I chose to use minky for all the black places – nose and eyes.  Thought it would be a great texture change as you felt the top of the quilt.  Never again.  It worked great that way.  But what a mess to work with.  Black fuzz everywhere.

I think the owls were my favorite.  Those eyes!  But the Butterflies turned out gorgeous as well.  The fox and rabbit – adorable.  Even the thistles are pretty.

Penny, from Gone To Pieces quilt shop, did the quilting for me.  Kind of a wood grain look that fit the theme.  Love how it turned out.  Larissa took Anders picture with it every month his first year.  Makes me happy when I know a quilt is loved and appreciated.

When I heard they were having a second child.  I knew just what I wanted to make.  Her next pattern was called Awesome Ocean and by now Larisa was working at the aquarium!  Again it felt like the perfect fit.

As I finished a block, I often sent a picture to Phyllis, the excited grandmother.

Love the Manatee – and the Seahorse!  But how cute is the Octopus!  And the Whale!  The Puffy fish – adorable.  This time Jeanette did the quilting.  Love how the air bubbles come up from the fish and the wavy motion makes the kelp sway.


This year, Greta gets the monthly quilt picture!  These were fun quilts to make.  This year for my birthday I got the next pattern, Delightful Desert.  Not sure who will get that one.  Might have to make a mixture of my favorite animals.  That would be fun, but could be tricky getting all the blocks to mesh.


3 Replies to “A couple Special Baby Quilts”

  1. These are the most adorable!! I also love how the quilting matches the theme of the quilt! It truly looks like the wood grain!


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