Midnight Garden

I fell in love with Heather Peterson’s fabric line Indigo Garden from Riley Blake. I bought a kit from her for the Aster Sew Along, but of course, did not have the time to make it while it was going on. I watched a few of her videos that offered tips on cutting and sewing the blocks and it was very helpful. I am looking forward to eventually getting to make it. The colors are so rich and lovely. I bought an extra layer cake when I saw them on sale. When I made the decision to leave my job, I wanted to make one of my employees a quilt as a thank-you for her support. I would not have managed the last two years without her faithful service to the job. From an email, I saw a kit for Midnight Garden on sale. I knew the beautiful blue background was sold out a long time ago so this would be my only opportunity to make the quilt.

I separated 10″ squares for the Tulips and the Blossoms, and paired up contrasting colors for the Tulips. A few of the pieces were a little busy for me, but I think the other prints calm them down. Here are my first few Tulips.

Love that blue background fabric! It has different cross stitch patterns, needle and thread, “I love my stash”, which probably means something totally different here in Portland. She gives great ironing directions too, which made the center square fit perfect. Next was the leaves for the Blossom block.

Again, easy directions, and super cute! Then combine to make adorable Blossoms!

Today I finished it. Such a beautiful quilt! I hope I get to make it again! I think Dayna will love it! Off to Jeanette tomorrow for her fabulous quilting touch!